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All about the Paediatric Urologist

With experienced handling critical conditions of newborn conditions, Dr. Manish Madhav is renowned for his expertise in paediatric urology. He deals in minimally invasive surgery and laparoscopic surgery, urinary disorders and all the congenital urological conditions. In addition to this, Dr. Manish Madhav treats all the paediatric complications with the latest technology.

Treatment  with Pediatric Urologist

What kind of training a paediatric urologists passes through?

An urologist is known for examining and treating a child's body after getting proper training in this field because a child’s body is sensitive and very difficult to measure. Usually, children are not so expressive and fails to make people understand about their issues so it is necessary for a paediatric urologist in Siliguri to gain experience in child care and make them aware of the sufferings. Parents might get worried about the issues and try to choose the best paediatrician to keep their child safe and secure from the undergoing process.

Normally, an urologist come across 4 years of medical school and minimum 2 years of surgical practices along with 4 years of additional residency training in general urology for making the treatment more happening and successful. Some of the remarkable doctors also do 3 years of additional fellowship training in the field of urology by analyzing a child's body. Infants and children who have problem in their genitals choose such paediatric urologists who are known to this field.

Why and where to find a Paediatric Urologist?

You can find the best paediatric urologist in Siliguri by searching online or by taking reference from your family or friends. Try to check out the reviews of the doctor before choosing them for finding the answer of your questions. It is better to consult with the urologist personally by visiting his or her chamber to make the things clear and transparent.

If you are thinking about the reason behind visiting a paediatric urologist then you must know about the specialty and knowledge about the cooperation and medical examination need for treating a child. They are trained for understanding the special need of a child related to their special organs. Genitalia and voiding problems are common with the newborns and an urologist can create comfortable and non-threatening surroundings by their presence in front of the child.

Paediatric urologist will guide you towards maintaining a better health and intensive care required for the child in terms of making the things controllable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The doctors will prescribe medicines only after diagnosing your child thoroughly and will make sure no such mishap takes place.

With expert guidance and medication, problems related to urology can be solved.

No, it is not a must. The doctors will diagnose and based on their assessment, they will conclude whether the child requires surgery or not.

Not always. Treatment depends upon many aspects and the cost varies by it.

You have to make your child comfortable so that he or she does not feel uneasy in the situation.