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Minimally Invasive Surgeries in Siliguri

Minimally invasive surgeries in Siliguri may be a special way of performing surgery using smaller tools and smaller incisions than old-style surgical methods. The goal of minimally invasive surgery is to perform operations through very small incisions a mere fraction of the dimensions of the incisions utilized in traditional surgery with equal or superior clinical outcomes and fewer impact on a child’s body and organs.

Minimally invasive surgery benefits

In the hands of an experienced physician, minimally invasive surgery is usually the simplest approach to surgery for youngsters because it causes as little disruption as possible to a child’s growing body.

Benefits of using minimally invasive surgery include

  • Less pain and discomfort for your child after surgery, and thus a reduced need for postoperative pain medicine
  • Less impact on a child’s developing body through injury and deformity to muscles, nerves and other tissue; like scoliosis from chest surgery or risk of bowel obstruction from abdominal surgery
  • Smaller scars and reduced future cosmetic evidence of surgery
  • The minimally invasive surgeries in Siligurican help to reduce risk of infection or wound complications
  • Better visualization of the organs and structures because of the utilization of sophisticated video-assisted equipment
  • Reduced need for an overnight hospital stay for a few procedures, and overall shorter hospital stays for patients that do require inpatient observation
  • In many cases, your child can return to normal activities quickly
  • Less time faraway from work for folks
Minimally invasive surgery benefits

List of invasive procedures for children

  • Appendectomy to treat an inflamed appendix (appendicitis)
  • Pyloromyotomy to treat problems within the outlet of your child’s stomach (hypertrophic pyloric stenosis)
  • Gastrostomy tube placement to ease the process of delivery of essential nutrition to your child’s stomach
  • Intussusception surgery to treat blockages in your child’s intestines
  • Splenectomy to get rid of part or all of the spleen
  • Cholecystectomy to get rid of the gallbladder, usually to treat gallstones
  • Inguinal hernia repair to repair tissue that bulges through the muscles in your child’s abdomen
  • Liver biopsy to get a tissue sample, so we will check for conditions that affect your child’s liver
  • Minimally invasive urologic surgery
  • Minimally invasive ovarian procedures
  • Colectomy (surgery to get rid of all or a portion of the colon) and ileocolectomy (surgery to get rid of part of the ileum, a neighbourhood of the tiny intestine)
List of invasive procedures

The minimally invasive surgeries in Siliguri have extensive experience in minimally invasive techniques specifically for paediatric patients, and that we have an extended, well-established diary for forging novel solutions when existing tools or techniques don't adequately address the special surgical needs of youngsters with complex conditions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your child will recover relatively quickly. The exact duration will depend upon the severity of the disease and operation.

Depending upon the success of the surgery, the functionality of an organ will return.

With this advanced mechanism, the incisions are smaller, thus the scars are relatively smaller as well.

This new surgical procedure creates a lesser impact on a child’s body that sometimes hampers development.

The cost depends on the type of surgery you are undergoing.