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What is Laparoscopy?

Laparoscopy or diagnostic laparoscopy is a surgical procedure where the organs inside the human body are disguised and examine for treatment. The risk reduces during this type of treatment procedure which is mostly required during small incisions.

The instrument laparoscope is used during laparoscopy for examining the lower abdominal organs. The thin and long tube comes with a high-intensity light along with a high-resolution camera for better monitoring and diagnosis. The entire treatment can be visualized in the monitor to help the Laparoscopy surgeon in understanding the faults inside the body.

Dr Manish Madhav is a Laparoscopy paediatric surgeon in Siliguri who is experienced in Laparoscopy especially for infants. The doctor obtains biopsy reports at the end of the procedure to identify any defect if found inside the child's body.

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Reasons to perform Laparoscopy

  • The procedure is implemented by a paediatric surgeon to find out the cause of pain inside a child's body and the procedure is called as diagnostic laparoscopy.
  • Operative laparoscopy is done for treating the problem after indentifying the cause from the diagnosis. The problem can be fixed at the same time to save time and reducing the cost of treatment.
  • Laparoscopy reduces the pain and probably the child need not have to stay in the hospital for too long.

The procedure of Laparoscopic Surgery

Dr Manish Madhav is trained and experienced in laparoscopic surgery by performing operations using small incisions. This advanced surgical treatment is executed through a thin rod-shaped instrument with a tiny camera on the tip. The instrument called laparoscope move inside the body under the guidance of the paediatric surgeon to take pictures inside the body. The picture is visualized in a monitor to make things more clear and transparent. This modern surgical technique brings a revolution in medical history by avoiding the traditional surgical method. The time taken by this procedure depends upon the type and reasons for the surgery.

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