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Solve Appendix Problem In Children In Siliguri

The appendix is an organ attached to the large intestine on the right side of the lower belly. Research suggests that it may sometimes store bacteria which is beneficial to the human digestive system. However, it may sometimes get inflamed resulting in a medical emergency.

Symptoms of appendicitis include pain in the abdomen, especially around the belly button, nausea and vomiting, and high fever. Children are especially vulnerable to this condition. For appendix problem in children in Siliguri, you may contact Dr. Manish Madhav ,a renowned neonatologist and pediatric surgeon in the area.

Appendicitis is a common problem in children who develop an infection of the appendix owing to frequent parasitic stomach infections. In such cases, it may sometimes be possible to treat appendicitis with antibiotics, but surgery may often be required to remove the infected appendix. During the surgery, the stomach is cut open to remove the infected organ.

Appendix Problem In Children

Unlike the brain, the heart, the lungs, the liver, the kidneys etc., the appendix is not a vital organ of the human body. Removal of the appendix does not result in a loss of vital body functions. This is why doctors can remove this organ without any fear of further complications.

Surgical removal of the appendix is usually a safe procedure and does not result in any complications. There may be a possibility of post-operative infections, which is manageable with antibiotics. After the surgery, children proceed to lead completely normal lives without any impairment.

So if your child is experiencing any of the signs and symptoms of appendicitis, please get in touch with Dr. Madhav for further guidance. Dr. Madhav can guide you with the best course of action for appendix problem in children in Siliguri.

Early intervention is the best solution for this life-threatening emergency. The condition can easily be diagnosed and treated successfully if detected early. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us in case your child develops appendicitis. We will help you with the best possible treatment options.

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