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Paediatric Gastrointestinal Surgeries

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The inflammation of the appendix is known as appendicitis and it is one of the most common childhood diseases in the world which is solved by the process called a paediatric appendectomy. This surgery helps in removing the appendix of a child which involves the process of open surgery by cutting the abdomen and removing the infected organ. This condition is thought to occur when the bacteria gets trapped with appendix causing an infection inside the child's intestine.


It is a condition which causes the intestinal obstruction or blockage as one segment of intestine 'telescopes' inside another intestine. The formation of telescope will block the food from passing through which create some serious problem. It is a critical condition which is most commonly seen in the children younger than three. With the help of the X-ray procedure, the intestines of a child can be pushed back into its real position which is the best medical procedure to deal with intussusception.

Intestinal Obstruction

The repairing of intestinal obstruction is a surgery to a bowel obstruction. When the contents of the intestines cannot exit the body then, this is the indication of intestinal obstruction to the child which needs quick surgical treatment. The expert paediatrician will locate the intestine mainly using a laparoscope and unblocks the blocked area. The infected or damaged part is either removed or repaired by the procedure of bowel resection.