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Fistula Treatment for Children in Siliguri

The anal canal is that the end portion of the intestinal tract. It includes the rectum and anus. Sometimes, an abnormal passage forms from the anal canal to the skin near the anus. this is often called an anal fistula. Anal fistulas also can form from the anal canal to other organs, like the vagina or tract. An anal fistula could also be congenital (present at birth). Trauma to the anal canal and surgery also can cause anal fistulas. Check the best fistula treatment for children in Siliguri.

What are the fistula baby symptoms?

  • Pain in or near the rectum
  • Drainage, which can contain blood, pus, or both (the drainage could also be constant or stop and begin again)
  • Bleeding from the rectum
  • Urinary problems
Fistula baby symptoms Fistula age group

The fistula age group: At what age is it most prominently diagnosed?

It is a congenital condition and infants are usually born with the fistula. However, it also can be observed in elder children. Consult with the best paediatric surgeon for fistula treatment for children in Siliguri.

How to diagnose a fistula?

The paediatric surgeon can usually diagnose an anal fistula by examining the world around the anus. They're going to search for a gap (the fistula tract) on the skin. The doctor will then attempt to determine how deep the track is, and therefore the direction during which it's going. In many cases, there'll be drainage from the external opening.

How to diagnose a fistula

Paediatric fistula-in-ano treatment

Anal fistulas often require surgery if other treatments don’t correct the matter. the sort of surgery depends on the sort of fistula. quite one surgery could also be needed. In certain cases, the kid is given a colostomy during the surgery. This creates a gap (called a stoma) within the abdomen (belly) for stool to undergo. The stool is collected during a bag or pouch worn outside the body. The colostomy could also be temporary or permanent. Long-term care depends on the sort of fistula and therefore the success of the surgery. Some children could also be given a special diet to assist them to have regular bowel movements.

Follow up together with your child’s paediatrician as advised. If you've got any questions or concerns, get your child evaluated with the best paediatric surgeon for fistula treatment for children in Siliguri.

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