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What kind of training did they come across?

Child surgeon or a paediatric surgeon is a specialized surgeon that deals with illness, injuries, and diseases of a child that demand surgery. They are experienced and enough experienced about surgical part required during the treatment of a child. Children can't express their feelings and become nervous during their complications and start crying. But a child surgeon makes the task easier by identifying the issues and keeping the parents away from worries.

Even the equipment used during child surgery is different from that used in other cases. So, a child surgeon is special that brings a smile in a child's face and trained in paediatric surgery. Finding such type of surgeons welcome more scope in a child’s life and child surgeon in Siliguri play a big role in preventing diseases and protecting the child from critical conditions.

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What kind of training did they come across?

Minimum 4 Years of training in medical school.

  • Five years of additional training in general surgery.
  • Complete Residency training of two years in paediatric surgery.
  • Experienced in child diagnosis.

What child surgeons do?

Doctors are categorized into various departments and when a specialist is concerned with a particular technique related to the surgical part of a child and deals with a specific condition like any disease, trauma or malformations the surgeon is called as child surgeon or paediatric surgeon. There is a different section in a hospital called paediatric surgical unit where consultant child surgeon deals with necessary services like diagnosing, treating and supporting the surgical process developed in specific expertise or putting interest on a special interest. The initiatives taken by a child surgeon are also categorized into different divisions that include Neonatal surgery, paediatric urology, and paediatric oncology.

Even the surgeries are also classified into different categories where each of the surgical technique and method are implied with the experience of a child surgeon in Siliguri. Major surgery, removal brain tumours, correction of bone malformation of the skull and face, repair of congenital heart diseases, correction of spinal abnormalities, a problem in the fetal development of intestines, lungs and so on. Whereas minor surgeries are undergone in a short time frame and help a child to recover fast. Placement of ear tubes, repair of hernia, correction of bone fractures and removal of skin lesions are also conducted under the guidance of child surgeon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It varies from one child to another. Based on the type and severity of the disease and toleration power the recovery process will get determined.

You will follow a diet plan as suggested by the doctor after the surgery.

There always will be slight elements of risks involved regarding surgery. Our doctors take an ample amount of precautions to prevent any kinds of mishaps.

If there is a vacancy, we will provide a personal room for your child.

You do not have to bring food from your house. Our clinic will provide your child with suitable food according to the diet plan that the doctor has prescribed.