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Paediatric Cancer Surgeries

Child Care


It is a type of childhood cancer which is most often found in the embryo or fetus. It starts in early nerve cells of the sympathetic nervous system arising generally in the adrenal glands. Neuroblastoma is most probably seen in the children of age five or younger ones and sometimes it fades away on its own whereas the others require various kinds of treatments procedure. Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy are the main ways of treating Neuroblastoma.

Hepatic Tumors

The large group of masses that include malignant and benign subtypes is known as hepatic tumors. Jaundice is the main symptom of hepatic tumors in a child which may form in the liver or might form on any other part of the body which then spreads in the liver. Many other tumors can form in the liver as it is made up of different cells which can turn out to be a very dangerous problem. These tumors have different ways of treatments and the surgery needs to be done quickly because cancer might spread to the other parts too.

Kidney Tumors

Kidney Tumors is a huge health problem which can affect the children because of the genetic condition that causes abnormal growth of the blood vessels. A kidney tumor is also known as renal cell carcinoma in children. The best way to prevent the child from this big risk is to detect the abnormalities in a very early stage with the help of paediatrician who will recommend periodic kidney ultrasounds for the health care of a baby.