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Congenital Hernia Treatment in Siliguri

A congenital hernia occurs when a sac-like projection of the abdomen extends down the groin on one or each side toward the scrotum (in boys) or labia (in girls). Sometimes some of an abdominal organ (bowel or viscera) migrates down the hernia sac, causing a bulge or visible lump to be seen within the groin. Gt you little one evaluated for the best congenital hernia treatment in Siliguri.

Congenital hernia types

There are 2 sorts of inguinal hernias:

  • Indirect inguinal hernias: this sort of hernia is caused by a congenital anomaly within the wall that's congenital (present at birth).
  • Direct inguinal hernias: this sort of hernia usually occurs in adult males. These are most frequently caused by weakness within the muscles of the wall that develops over time or are thanks to straining or work.
Congenital inguinal hernia types

Timing of hernia repair in infants

Paediatric surgeons often recommend hernia repair before discharge from the neonatal medical care unit (NICU) or new-born nursery. Inguinal hernias don't spontaneously heal and must be surgically repaired due to the ever-present risk of incarceration. Generally, surgical consultation should be made during the diagnosis, and treatment (on an elective basis) should be carried away very soon after the diagnosis is confirmed for further proceeding with the best congenital hernia treatment in Siliguri.

Congenital diaphragmatic hernia treatment protocol

A congenital hiatus hernia may be a congenital anomaly where there's a gap within the muscle that helps you breathe, called the diaphragm. This opening is often on the proper or left side but is commonest on the left.

  • Surgical repair of CDH after delivery depends on your individual baby’s progress within the days following birth.
  • The multidisciplinary team, led by your baby’s paediatric surgeon and neonatologist, will determine the timing of repairing the defect within the diaphragm.
  • Babies with CDH are extremely sensitive to noise and movement, so surgical repair of CDH is usually performed within the NICU.
  • Your baby will receive general anaesthesia and can be monitored by a paediatric anaesthesiologist. An incision is formed slightly below your baby’s skeletal structure, the organs within the chest are guided backtrack into the abdomen and therefore the hole within the diaphragm is sewn closed. The space created within the chest allows the lungs to still grow.
Congenital diaphragmatic hernia treatment protocol

Paediatric hernia repair technique

A laparoscopy is an option for surgical repair of inguinal hernias additionally to the normal open approach.

  • A small incision or cut is formed over the world of the hernia, usually in one among the skin folds.
  • The hernia sac is removed through this small incision; the intestines are placed back within the belly if they're within the hernia sac, and therefore the opening within the lower belly is closed.
  • Some children who have a hernia on one side may have an undiagnosed hernia on the opposite side, so your child’s doctor may recommend repairing the opposite side if needed.
  • Tiny sutures or stitches that dissolve on their own are going to be placed under the skin.
  • The incision is going to be covered by an easy dressing that you simply are going to be told when and the way to vary.

A paediatric surgeon will handle all the complexities of birth defects with modern treatment machinery and intensive care. Consult an expert paediatric surgeon for the best congenital hernia treatment in Siliguri.

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