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Child Hernia Surgeon in Siliguri

Child Hernia surgeon in Siliguri

What is Inguinal Hernia?

Childhood comes with many problems and one of the common surgical problems is an inguinal hernia that appears through the inguinal ring that normally opens during the fetal life and closes during the time of birth. Some infants face a problem when the abdominal organs come through the inguinal ring and reach the groin. Both boys and girls met with the problem where the organ loops into the bowel in boys and the ovary in girls. Constant cries and strains are one of the symptoms that the infant is suffering from the problem. The problem arises when the fluid comes through the inguinal ring and known as hydrocele.

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Why does your child need surgery?

There are so many reasons behind the need for surgery but when your child is suffering from hernias then you must do surgery because the problem will never go away without doing any surgery or proper treatment. Most importantly if the loop of bowel remains open then it might trap or incarcerated the organ organs too. The trapping process will block the organ and comes within the small opening which in turn compresses the blood supply and might welcome danger of death.

Blood supply is always required for getting a healthy body and better functioning. So, a child hernia surgeon in Siliguri helps parents to give preventive measures during the emergencies. The lump of a child becomes red, hard, and painful which might stop stooling. So, if your child is facing pain or trouble then immediate surgery is a must to reduce the abdominal cavity initiated by hernia.

What does the surgery involve?

The surgery involves many procedures and can be completed in one hour depending upon the case. Child hernia surgeon in Siliguri will work over the hernia through sacs and indulge techniques like laparoscopically, using small instruments specially made for child surgery.

Some children are having the hernia sac and need special care where the surgical process goes through the closed and very small incision in the groin. This type of case needs an "open" operation. The child surgeon will discuss with the parents and come out with the best approach to treat your child. Children who are less than one year of age, met with such kind of surgeries otherwise they are examined and diagnosed with the hernia later. Sometimes the child surgeon might use a tiny telescope to look for a hernia to examine the case in a better sense. The discussion after the examination will make a better impact. The stitches on such kind of surgery get dissolve into the skin and there is no need to remove them from the skin.

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