Get Complete Fistula Treatment For Children Through Surgery

Get Complete Fistula Treatment For Children Through Surgery


A fistula is a small tunnel that connects between the end of the infected bowel and the skin near the anus. It is a type of anorectal malformation (ARM) that involves a misplaced anal passage and is generally present from birth.

Most child patients with ARM have some other health conditions such as congenital heart defects, kidney, and urinary tract abnormalities, spinal abnormalities, or limb defects. To overcome this problem for your child, visit fistula treatment for children in Siliguri.

How It Affects Your Child?

In general, inside the anus, there are several glands that make fluid which when get blocked builds an infection which is known as an abscess. If it is not treated in time it will grow and can cause a fistula which is rare but can affect your child's normal life.

First of all, it is very complicated to know or to determine whether a baby has a fistula prior to birth or not. But those who are born with this symptom must have the following:

  • Unable to pass a stool after birth
  • Pass stool via a misplaced opening
  • Swollen belly
  • Misplaced anus

Basically, the exact cause of congenital fistula is unknown but according to expert doctors, this can happen due to either environmental factors or by using drugs during pregnancy or sometimes it can happen genetically.

Though the condition is very rare and can happen 1 out of every 5000 births or more, the chances of the fistula are more likely to develop among males than females.

Diagnosis & Treatment

After the baby is born, the child specialist will perform a thorough physical exam of the infant, including an anus exam to determine it is open in the correct position.

Get Complete Relief

In case, if the paediatric doctor found any abnormality, then further tests such as abdominal X-rays and abdominal ultrasounds or spinal ultrasounds may be done for improvement of the abnormality. Depending on your child’s overall health and condition type the procedure of the treatment varies.

In general, to correct the position of your child’s anus doctor may recommend surgery. Apart from that, a doctor can perform anal dilatation to stretch the muscles of the anus if your children have anal stenosis. This surgical procedure is simple for newborns that are just born or are one year old.

Before proceeding towards surgery, talk to your paediatric surgeon about the condition of your child, listen carefully to the guidelines, understand the procedures, risks, recovery, and then go for it. To move the rectum and to allow optimal bowel control, you can go for child surgery in Siliguri.

Even after surgery, your child might need anal dilation for improvement in a complete manner. Timely checkups and medications also play an important part in quick recovery from congenital fistula.

There are a few medical conditions that are often out of your control, in these cases, the only way to get help when consulting a paeditric surgeon and following up his prescribed guidelines.

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