Your Best Neonatal Surgery To Treat Intussusception

Your Best Neonatal Surgery To Treat Intussusception


There are many congenital issues that may happen to your child. Usually, neonatal surgeries are performed to correct developmental issues of children shortly after they are born. Intussusception is a childhood disease that is also known as intestinal blockages.

This is a severe condition that occurs when one part of the bowel slides into the next, like the pieces of a telescope. In most cases, children get recovered with neonatal surgeries in Siliguri. If your child is suffering from intestinal issues, you can consult your pediatric surgeon for improvement.

This blocks food or fluid from passing through to your baby's small intestine and also cuts off the blood supply to the intestine. Children younger than 3 years old are often affected by intussusception which is the most common cause of intestinal obstruction. The exact cause of having intussusception in children is unknown.

Symptoms Of Intussusception

  • Loud crying caused by abdominal pain
  • A lump in the abdomen
  • Fever
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Weakness
  • Stool mixed with blood and mucus

Most surprisingly, not every child has the same symptoms such as pain, bloody stool, or a lump in the abdomen area. But older children might have abdominal pain. Infants, during abdominal pain often cry by pulling their knees to their chests.

When it appears, your child's intestine can swell and bleed and it can also lead to a tear in the bowel, infection in the intestine, and death of bowel tissue. To give your child the ultimate relief from intussusception, you can visit your best pediatric surgeon in Siliguri.

What Can Cause Intussusception?

  • Stomach flu
  • Viral gastrointestinal infections
  • Enlarged lymph nodes
  • A tumor
  • A blood vessel problem in the intestines

If left untreated, a lack of blood can cause infection in the intestinal wall. Remember, this is a life-threatening condition that needs immediate medical support. Therefore, if you suspect your child becomes unconscious due to shock, visit your expert neonatal surgeon in Siliguri for betterment.

Diagnosis & Treatment Of Intussusception

To diagnose this condition, at first, your pediatric surgeon will check the medical history of your child and perform an ultrasound, barium enema, CT scan, and other imaging tests. After diagnosing, the pediatric doctor will start the right treatment for intussusception.

Usually, the health care provider uses either the liquid contrast enema, or the air contrast enema or both. If an enema works, your child doesn't need any further treatment as most cases are solved by this procedure.

On the other hand, if the enema becomes unsuccessful, your pediatric doctor will go for neonatal surgeries in Siliguri to clear the obstruction. In most cases when the condition becomes severe, or if the intestine is torn, neonatal surgery is the ultimate solution for your child.

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