Visit A Neuro Pediatrician To Cure Autism

Visit A Neuro Pediatrician To Cure Autism


Autism spectrum disease is a state associated with brain development. For this issue, a child faces communication and emotional disorder in his or her social life. The word ‘spectrum’ in autism means an extensive and serious span of disorder.

Autism spectrum diseases can be noticed in a child in early boyhood. Your child might not perform well in society as he/she does not communicate well in school and other places.

The symptoms can be shown often in the first year of a baby if you notice any deformities in your newborn baby's behavior, do not go annoying him, consult a neuro pediatrician doctor in Siliguri today. 

Generally, a little percentage of babies can grow normally in the first year and often face the symptoms even at the time of 18 to 24 months.


Some babies don’t have a clear vision and thus they do not response enough to their caregiver. Autism symptoms are shown within 2 years of a baby.

Every autism spectrum suffered baby has different symptoms in their manners from low to high action. A few suffering babies take time of learning anything whereas others lack brain power as they learn quickly and cannot apply it in a proper situation. Hence they can not adjust to social life.


There are no particular causes behind your child’s suffering from autism spectrum disease. The reason for this disorder depends on the symptoms and its severity even low or high the child has. Environmental and genetic factors may be responsible for this concern:

Environmental Factor

A recent survey says that during pregnancy when a woman is faced with any kind of viral infection, lots of medication procedures, air pollution, or some other obstacles can be responsible for autism spectrum disorder.

Genetic Factor

Genetic mutation is responsible for autism spectrum disorder. It also highly affected the mental growth of a baby.

Diagnosis & Treatment

Having a regular check-up by a child specialist for autism spectrum disease can be diagnosed. The doctor communicates with your child and tests the baby’s way of speech, expression capacity, speech disorder, etc.

There is no particular treatment that can cure autism spectrum issues completely. However, doctors are applying a lot of methods to improve their interaction capacity, mental growth, communicational ways, social and emotional power, etc.

Play schools often play a pivotal role to strengthen your baby’s imagination power, color sense, civic sense, and interaction power. The treatment options are as follows:

With the help of communication and mannerism therapy autism spectrum disorder may be improved. The Applied Behaviour Analysis process can teach your baby some basic knowledge quickly and always motivate him or her for progression.

Parents and other caregivers give special attention to the baby. Play with him or her and in this way he or she can learn social communication through family therapy.

If you learned that, your child is on the autism spectrum then you must consult a neuro pediatric doctor in Siliguri immediately. Babies who are from autism spectrum disorder can face a lot of social and professional difficulties throughout life.

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