Some Common Surgical Conditions In Children

Some Common Surgical Conditions In Children


As it is already known that the new born babies are prone to various diseases and infections. However, during some unfortunate times the new born children takes birth with some hereditary problems too, that effect the body severely and causes a lot of problems to begin with. That is where the paediatric surgeon comes into play. In Siliguri, as the medical sector is developing day by day, the field of paediatrics is also getting advanced. A paediatric surgeon in Siliguri thus takes care of all the surgical procedures that are required to be performed on a child in order to treat a disease.

Here are few of the common surgical conditions that are found in Children


In children the appendix is even smaller than that present in an adult. In this surgical procedure the appendix is surgically removed or operated as it gets infected or if due to inflammation it gets painful. However, in case of ruptures too, the surgery needs to be performed.


Nowadays every other individual goes through the risk of having cancer. And the babies who are not even adults are also sometimes a victim of this deadly disease. Therefore, for a paediatric surgeon in Siliguri it becomes even more challenging to deal with cases of cancer faced by small babies. The treatment similarly is even more complicated as the immune system of a child is comparatively weaker than that of an adult.


At times some genetic disorders lead to some unfortunate events that occur right after birth. Luckily sometimes these symptoms can be identified in the last trimester of the mother. But the times when it remains unidentified before birth, it requires surgical treatment after birth. In this scenario, the intestine of the baby of some genetic reason comes out of the stomach area as the skin does not get form naturally. In such cases, the surgery needs to be performed after birth to put the intestine in its place and seal the stomach. This is considered to be one the most risky surgeries as it largely depends on the baby’s immune system to be strong enough to prevent further infections.

This is a more severe case as the baby’s body is very tender and week and the operations are needed to be done extra care and support. Thus as we can see, a paediatric surgeon in Siliguri plays a very vital role in the field of paediatrics.

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