Removing Appendicitis Through Laparoscopy

Removing Appendicitis Through Laparoscopy


Appendicitis is the appendix inflammation. The appendix is few centimetres long tube-like organ which is attached to the beginning of large intestine. Appendicitis in a child is handled by the paediatric surgeon. The laparoscopy paediatric surgeon in Siliguri also performs this surgery for appendicitis which is known as appendectomy. During the surgery, the appendix is removed through the laparoscopic method.

Table of Contents :

1. How is appendicitis removed laparoscopically?

2. Is laparoscopic appendectomy right for your child?

3. Conclusion

How is appendicitis removed laparoscopically?

For laparoscopic appendectomy, your child will undergo general anaesthesia. Throughout the surgery, your child will be in asleep. When this surgery gets over, your child’s incision will be closed by using tiny stitches, staples and surgical tape or glue. During the moment when child is in asleep, a small device called a port will be inserted near the belly button.

The port that will be used by doing the incision will create the opening. It will be used by the surgeon to fill the abdomen of the child with gas which creates space for the operation. The next step is inserting the camera through the port. The camera used by the laparoscopy paediatric surgeon in Siliguri will show the surgery on a screen at the operating room. When the images are seen clearly, the surgeon will put more ports for inserting long, narrow instruments.

After this, your child's appendix will be gently disconnected. It will be taken out using one of the incisions. A three incision might be enough for the surgery or may also depend on the circumstances. If the inflammation is complicated in your child's appendix then, a large incision will be used. The decisions of using the large incision will be made by the surgeon during the operation.

Is laparoscopic appendectomy right for your child?

This is the question for your child and the decision should be made by you as a parent. Ask the laparoscopy paediatric surgeon in Siliguri about whether laparoscopic appendectomy is the best option for your child. The result will vary and depend on the general health of a child and the type of surgery. It will be proved as right surgery for your child because of the following advantages:

  •   Very less pain after the surgery
  •   Your child may only have to spend a short time in the hospital
  •   Your child will also recover quickly and get back to the normal activity
  •   The normal bowel movements will also start to happen
  •   The scar will also be small in your child

The laparoscopy paediatric surgeon in Siliguri provides certain help in removing appendicitis. The bursting of appendicitis can be the risk if it isn't treated immediately. So, why not treat appendicitis early by removing the appendix.

Note: A child might experience stomach pain, abdominal swelling, constipation, nausea and vomiting which are the symptoms of appendicitis. When these symptoms are there in a child the removal of appendicitis through laparoscopy becomes valid.

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