Nephrotic Syndrome in Children

Nephrotic Syndrome in Children


Nephrotic syndrome is a condition in which kidneys leaks large amounts of protein into the urine. This syndrome can also be seen in children and can lead to the various range of problems. If this nephrotic syndrome is in your child then there may be the risk of body tissue swelling and infections. It usually diagnose in children of the age between 2 and 5. Various results have shown that this syndrome affects more boys than girls. The child surgeon in Siliguri also provides the treatment solution for nephrotic syndrome. The surgeon at first will stabilize and control the symptoms then proceeds towards treatment.

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  • Treatments For Managing Nephrotic Syndrome

         What special treatments are used for managing nephrotic syndrome?

  • Steroids
  • Dietary Changes
  • Vaccinations
  • Diuretics and Penicillin
  • Additional medication
  • Albumin infusions
  • Conclusion


Treatments For Managing Nephrotic Syndrome

What special treatments are used for managing nephrotic syndrome?



If your child is diagnosed with the nephrotic syndrome for the first time then, 4 week steroid course will be prescribed. Prednisolone is the steroid medicine which is used for this condition. This steroid will be given by a child surgeon in Siliguri that will help in stopping protein leaking from the kidney into the urine.

Dietary Changes

When your child gets affected by nephrotic syndrome, water retention and oedema may occur. In order to control this further situation, the surgeon will advise reducing the amount of salt in your child's diet. The processed foods need to be avoided and slat needs to be cut down in your child's diet.


The child surgeon in Siliguri also advises the pneumococcal vaccine if your child is diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome. In between the relapses, your child may also be recommended the varicella vaccination. Other vaccines should be avoided if your child is already taking symptoms controlling medications.

Diuretics and Penicillin

The diuretics tablets can also be given to your child for reducing the fluid build-up. This will help your child by increasing the amount of urine production. Penicillin in the form of antibiotic may also be prescribed during relapses, This antibiotic reduces the chances of an infection.

Additional medication

The additional medications can also be used along with or in place of steroids. This step is usually taken when the remission cannot be maintained by steroids. Other medications are often prescribed also when the child experience side effects due to steroids.

Albumin infusions

Albumin is the lost protein in nephrotic syndrome. The albumin infusion is given by the child surgeon in Siliguri if your child shows the severe symptoms of the syndrome. The albumin is added to the blood with the use of a thin plastic tube called a cannula.

These are the treatments and symptoms management techniques used by child surgeon in Siliguri to control nephrotic syndrome. Among them, the most effective one is the use of steroids. Many children may go through the relapses until the late teen's stage and for these steroids needs to be taken.

Note: As a parent, you can also care for your child at home if diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome. You have to take the responsibility of monitoring the condition on a daily basis and also check the signs of relapses. The use of dipstick is recommended by the experts to test your child's urine for protein.

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