Inguinal Hernia Surgery in Children

Inguinal Hernia Surgery in Children


Inguinal hernia is the common childhood problem which is the result of a small sac coming through the inguinal ring. This inguinal ring opens during fetal life and then closes around the birth time. This can create a big problem in the child if the surgery is not done on time. A good physical examination is very important for the diagnosis of inguinal hernia which is taken by the doctor or nurse. For the safety and protection of the child, the child hernia surgeon in Siliguri is available.  The use of the ultrasound procedure is very rare in identifying the child inguinal hernia. As soon as the symptoms are known parents need to consult with the paediatrician because surgery is always needed.

Treatment for inguinal hernia in children

When a child suffers from an inguinal hernia, he or she needs to immediately undergo treatment. The condition of inguinal hernia will usually don't go away without the surgery. The treatment is needed because in this condition the sac is left open.

The child may have a hard, red and painful lump in the groin area which is the symptoms and the indication for the need for treatment. The surgery becomes more vital if the hernia can't be pushed back into the abdominal cavity. The paediatrician will proceed with the surgery by opening the sac. This is done either by the laparoscopic process or the open operation. The SEAL technique is used for the laparoscopic process along with 2 or 3 incisions. The open operation involves a small incision in the groin area for completing the procedure successfully.



The paediatric surgeon may also use a tiny telescope during the surgery to look for the hernia. Before going for any types of the additional treatment procedure, the surgeon will discuss this with parents. Any stitches will not be required to remove from the skin later after the surgery. This is because the stitches will be under the skin and get dissolve on their own. Once the surgery gets over, the child is transferred to the recovery area. When the child wakes up, parents can be with him or her. Some can go home on the same day of surgery after consulting with the specialist.

As per the advice of child hernia surgeon in Siliguri, parents should be aware of the symptoms of inguinal hernia in children. Once it is known, immediate care through surgery must be considered to stabilize the condition.



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