How Laparoscopy Surgery is Done Or administered?

How Laparoscopy Surgery is Done Or administered?


Laparoscopy is one of the main surgical diagnostic procedures that are used in the study of organs under the abdomen. It is a modern surgical method in which a specialist needs minimally invasive cuts to diagnose the main problem. This surgery is facilitated with a special device type called a laparoscope which is a thin and long tube equipped with a high-resolution camera and is sent deep into the affected area under the abdomen. The only objective of a laparoscope is to provide quality images of the affected that are screened through a monitor. This form of surgery is highly useful for kids as they have tender skin.

Therefore there are many Laparoscopic paediatric surgeons in Siliguri who are helping out many children undergoing serious abdominal complications.

     This article showcases how laparoscopic surgery is performed or administered along with a short description of the finest laparoscopic paediatric surgeon in Siliguri.

Table of Content: 

1. Things that are done prior to the laparoscopy

2. What are the procedures that are followed in the laparoscopic process?

3. Dr. Manish Madhav

4. Conclusion

Things that are done prior to the laparoscopy

It is important to conduct certain tests before going forward with the main procedure. These tests are extremely handy for the doctor performing the surgery in order to have a good view of the patient’s present health condition. The doctor may include some changes according to the reports. Some of these tests include-

1. Blood tests

2. Urinalysis

3. Electrocardiogram

4. CT Scan

5. Ultrasound

6. MRI Scan

   Apart from these, you can also tell your personal health conditions such as pregnancy or are you expecting so that the baby is not harmed.

What are the procedures that are followed in the laparoscopic process?

There are multiple steps that are monitored in this procedure but the good thing about this procedure is that it is an outpatient procedure which generally means that you can go home the same day of your procedure. These are the steps that are followed

1. Firstly, a general anesthetic is provided before the surgery. The given anesthetic may cover the whole body or just the part that needs treatment.

2.  Then proper small incisions are made below the belly button. Later through the incisions, a small tube called a cannula is inserted in order to inflate the abdomen with carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide allows the doctors to see the organs clearly.

3. In the last phase a laparoscope as mentioned above is inserted to obtain the required images of the affected area.

      When the whole procedure is completed all the instruments are removed and all the incisions are stitched or bandaged.

Dr. Manish Madhav

He is recognized as the best laparoscopic paediatric surgeon in Siliguri who has years of treating children with this procedure. He is strongly recommended by parents whose children were struggling with abdominal complications.


Procedures like laparoscopy have really made a difference in the field of detecting complex abdominal complications.

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