How do I know if my child has appendicitis

How do I know if my child has appendicitis


Appendicitis is usually a small inflammation of the appendix and is located in the right lower half portion of the abdomen in children. It is caused due to the blockage of the appendix which is caused by hard stool in children. There is a high risk that the appendix might burst if the swelling remains untreated. There are many experts in child surgery in Siliguri who can easily cure appendicitis.  Although it is widespread for appendicitis to occur at any age it is mostly seen to occur in school-going children.

Much research has stated that the appendix is an organ of the human body that may sometimes help in the storage of certain bacteria that may become beneficial to the digestive system in the human body. However, inflammation caused in the appendix will call for a medical emergency. In some cases, treatment with the help of antibiotics is possible however mostly surgery is required to help remove the appendix by cutting the stomach open.

Some symptoms of appendicitis

Symptoms of the appendicitis can vary amongst the children. However, some of the most commonly seen symptoms are-

  • Fever
  • Diarrhea
  • Severe abdominal pain
  • Loss of any appetite
  • Vomiting


A comprehensive physical examination is required to diagnose appendicitis. Your children have to undergo a series of imaging studies such as CT scans, ultrasound and to detect appendicitis. Also to know about the extent of the spread of the infection, laboratory tests will have to be conducted on your child such as CBC (complete blood count).

Treatment of the appendicitis

The process of removing the infected appendix from the body is called appendectomy.  The best treatment for your child will be suggested by your child’s surgeon. Many expert pediatric surgeons in Siliguri can diagnose and treat appendectomy.  Normally it is recommended not to give any kinds of drinks or food before the appendectomy. Two types of treatment for the appendectomy are surgical and antibiotic treatment.

Surgical- It is the most common treatment of appendicitis also known as appendectomy by which 3 small cuts are made in the stomach of your child and a laparoscope is used to get rid of the infected appendix from the body of your child.

Antibiotic treatment-If the infection is very mild doctors also cure the appendicitis with the help of antibiotics. This is a newer method of treating appendicitis which is started by giving the child IV antibiotics first by the care team in the hospital and then is taken at home for 7 days.

The non-operative method of treating appendicitis is also used in the case of ruptured appendicitis. The treatment might get started with giving antibiotics followed by surgically removing the appendix later.

The care team will let you know about the treatment procedures its risks, benefits as well as any kind of possible side effects such as diarrhoea.

After surgery effects

In some cases, certain after-surgery effects can be seen in the child. In terms of this, it is suggested to get in touch with the surgeon immediately. Some of the commonly seen after-surgery effects are-

  • Loss of appetite for any kind of food or drinks along with vomiting.
  • Occurrence of drainage from the place of incision.
  • Severe abdominal pain.
  • Fever above 101.5 degrees F.
  • Abdominal enlargement.

Child surgery in Siliguri is very reliable with the help of a number of the best surgeons. So you can entrust them with your child’s health. Preventing appendicitis is not possible and ignoring the symptoms of the inflammation in the appendix might become critical since it may result in the rupturing of the appendix. However, with the right diagnosis and treatment, you can easily bring your child to do day-to-day regular activities easily. 

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