Hernia Causes, Types And Symptoms in Children

Hernia Causes, Types And Symptoms in Children


A hernia is a grave disease that is affecting many people over the years. There are lots of medical procedures that are followed in the treatment of different types of hernia after a systematic medical examination. This disease has severe consequences in a child too as the cases of children suffering from this area on a continuous rise. Child hernia surgeons in Siliguri is also helping many children to cope up with this disease with the help of advanced medical procedures.

       This article provides a brief knowledge about the types of hernia along with their causes and symptoms and also a short description of a person who is considered the best child hernia surgeon in Siliguri.

Table of Content: 

1. What is a hernia?

2. Types, Causes, and Symptoms

3. Dr. Manish Madhav

4. Conclusion

What is a hernia?

A hernia can be explained as the swelling of any internal organ and trying to come out through an unconventional opening.  In simpler terms, it can be said that a bulged-out organ or tissue tries to find a weaker section in a muscle to breakthrough.

Types, Causes, and Symptoms

Primarily there are three types of hernia. All of them will be explained with causes and symptoms. All the things discussed below are in consideration with respect to children.

1. Inguinal Hernia

In this type of hernia, the part of an intestine tries to extend from the abdominal area towards the groin section.


The main cause of this type of hernia is basically related to the development and of the testes. When the testes move towards the scrotum the openings should be closed. If there is any kind of failure in the timing of closing of this opening this type of hernia may develop. It is the most common form of hernia that is observed and treated in children.


The major symptoms for this type of hernia are swelling in the groin region that may also be observed in the scrotum.

2. Umbilical Hernia

This type of hernia is usually observed due to the abnormalities in the abdominal muscle through the passing of the umbilical cord. But this type of hernia is self-healing and the majority of the times do not need any kind of medical procedures.


The major cause of this hernia is that when the umbilical cord passes through an abdominal muscle a hole is created and gets failed to close after the birth of the child.


The major symptom of this hernia is that a visible swelling is observed in the belly bottom.

Femoral Hernia

This type of hernia is usually observed in girls and need to go for surgeries for the removal process.


There is a visible abnormal growth in the thigh region that creates problems in the movement.

Dr. Manish Madhav

Dr. Madhav is considered as the best child hernia surgeon in Siliguri and has vast experience in handling complex cases with ease and perfection. He also boasts a strong recommendation of his previous patients who have been satisfied with his treatment procedure.


A hernia is a severe disease and should be treated under the guidance of an expert.

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