Get The Most Advanced Surgical Care

Get The Most Advanced Surgical Care


Paediatric surgeries are advanced surgical procedures for infants, children, and adolescents to treat birth defects and abnormalities. These abnormalities mostly stem from accidents and trauma. There are many skilled child surgeons in Siliguri to give your child the best care.

Table of Content:

1.      Common Paediatric Surgeries

2.      Benefits of a Paediatric Surgeon for advanced surgical care

3.      Conclusion

Common Paediatric Surgeries

The most common paediatric surgeries are:

Appendectomy: This is done when the appendix becomes infected or it is painful due to inflammation, it may need to be removed.

Various cancer treatments: There is a number of childhood cancers that a paediatric surgeon is required. It includes cancers of the liver, abdomen, kidneys or pancreas.

Congenital defects: There are numerous congenital defects like malformed lungs, kidneys and hearts that may impact the ability of a child to thrive. Surgery may be required to reconstruct the impacted organ.

Gallbladder surgery: The gallbladder may become infected due to formation of a stone, a virus or another medical condition. If other treatment methods fail, surgery may be required to remove the gallbladder.

Gastroschisis: This defect causes the intestines and stomach to fall from the body through a hole in the baby’s abdomen. A paediatric surgeon will perform immediate surgery following birth to put the organs back into place and to seal the opening.

Reproductive defects: If a child has suffered from a congenital defect of the genitals, surgery may be required to remove tumours and cysts or to correct dysfunction of the organs.

Hernia surgery: If a child is born with a hole in the groin that will not close on its own, the surgeon may need to perform a surgical procedure in order to prevent the intestines from falling through this opening.


Benefits of a Paediatric Surgeon for advanced surgical care

There are many benefits of having a paediatric surgeon take care of your child. Paediatric surgeons have special qualifications and training regarding paediatric surgery some of which are:

Training after medical college:Becoming a paediatric surgeon requires years of yeaning even after medical college.

Certified in general and paediatric surgery:Paediatric surgeons must have two certifications, one in general surgery and one in paediatric surgery.

Trained to operate from the neck to the pelvis:Unlike general surgeons who only focus on one specific part of the body, Paediatric surgeons are specially trained to operate on a defined age group from the neck to the pelvis.

Dr. Manish Madhav is a highly recommended Child surgeon in Siliguri. He specialises in various open and reconstructive surgeries as well as laparoscopic & endoscopic procedures of newborns, infants and children. He ensures that your child gets the most advanced surgical care required.


Paediatric surgeons are known for providing the best surgical care for your child.

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