Get Relief From Pyloric Stenosis

Get Relief From Pyloric Stenosis


While food is chocked to a child’s small intestine, a difficult condition occurs which is named pyloric stenosis. Generally, food is between the stomach and the small intestine until it is prepared for the succeeding steps of digestion. The in-between muscular valve is called the pylorus valve.

In this situation, the pyloric valve is swollen, creating an obstacle to reaching food from the small intestine and blocking it. As surgery is one of the best options to cure. A pediatric surgeon in Siliguri can help you in this situation. You notice that your baby has an untimely vomiting tendency, abnormal weight loss problems, and indigestion as basic symptoms.


The symptoms of this disease generally come out three to five weeks after birth. The symptoms are as follows:

  • The affected baby is vomiting after taking breast milk or formula feed. At the initial stage, he or she can vomit a little. In severe conditions, a baby may have a blood-vomiting tendency
  • Pyloric stenosis babies tend to hunger soon after vomiting
  • Sometimes your baby has a wavelike diminution soon after feeding but before vomiting
  • You may notice that the child is crying without tears, or become inactive. Sometimes you are expecting from him or her wet diapers but it doesn’t. It means dehydration is started in his or her body
  • Your baby may be constipated at this time as the bowel movements are changed already
  • Your baby may be diagnosed as over or weighted


The reason behind pyloric stenosis is unrevealed, genetic or environmental issues may be responsible for it. During the birth period, it cannot appear, however, after a few weeks, the issue may be coming out.


Initially, a pediatric doctor starts a physical examination. The doctor may detect an olive shape lump in that child’s stomach. It is a large pylorus muscle. A wavelike diminution may appear during the physical check or sometimes it has appeared before vomiting.

The doctor is advised to do a blood test for checking out the electrolyte balance in the child’s body, USG for detecting pyloric stenosis, and X-rays for the child’s digestive process whether the USG report is not perfect.


Surgery is the only option for a complete cure of pyloric stenosis. The surgery or in other words pyloromyotomy is sometimes organized on the same day of diagnosis.

If the child is detected with electrolyte deficiency he or she must require saline before surgery.  To avoid any complication during or post-surgical time you need to depend on a pediatric surgeon in Siliguri with trust.

There is some complication that arises after surgery like bleeding or infection etc. However, in maximum cases, surgery is the right decision and it has a lot of successful results too.

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