Get Cured With Congenital Heart Defects

Get Cured With Congenital Heart Defects


The shape of the heart that a child has by birth and congenital heart disease depends on this. Many children have congenital heart issues which do not require treatment, others have severe heart issues by birth.

The complex congenital heart disease may need surgeries which will take many years to heal completely. If your child has congenital heart disease, don’t avoid it. Visit child surgery in Siliguri at once with your baby. Your initiation and care can cure your baby of this deadly issue early.


Minor congenital heart disease can be detected in the late boyhood period. The symptoms of insignificant congenital heart issues are:

  • Getting fatigued early during physical activity
  • Breathing heavily after a short span of physical activity
  • Feeling sudden inflammation in hand, feet, and ankle
  • Sometimes getting sense less during physical exercise

Complex congenital heart disease can be noticed after a few months of a newborn. It can require surgeries. The symptoms of this fatal issue are:

  • Fast breathing
  • Faded tongue, lips, and nails
  • Lack of body weight improvement
  • Sudden inflammation surrounding the eyes, legs, and belly


There is no particular reason behind congenital heart disease. However, a recent study suggests that during pregnancy if a mother has faced any medication issues, takes a lot of medicines, genetic problems with either of the parent have or the mother has a habit of smoking- all these factors may play a major in having congenital heart disease of a newborn.


The applying tests for congenital heart defects are:

Electrocardiogram Test

This intraoperative test keeps the data of the electrical venture of the heart. This process can detect the easily contorted heart rhythm of your baby.

Pulse oximetry test

An oximetry machine is laid down at your baby’s fingertips to measure the oxygen percentage in the blood. Lack of oxygen supply in the blood detects heart issue.


Using ultrasound waves capture an image of a heart. It can detect the amount of blood circulation in the heart and heart valves. Before childbirth, if an echocardiogram is required it is then named a fetal echocardiogram.

Cardiac catheterization test

With the support of cardiac catheterization tests doctors can figure out completely the blood circulation system and the baby’s working condition heart easily. A few heart treatments can require this test.

Chest X-Ray

An X-Ray can produce the present condition of the heart and lungs. If the heart is expanded or the lung carries fluid chest X-Ray plate can show all these difficulties. Through this process, heart failure can be prevented.


Medication is one of the utilizing ways to heal this issue. Moreover, the complex congenital issue may require surgery. The surgeries that are generally applied are:

Heart surgery

Complex congenital heart issues may require open heart surgery. For this purpose, a child surgeon can guide you best.

Heart transplant

Whether a major heart disease can be detected, a heart transplant may be required.

Cardiac Catheterization

The cardiac catheterization process is time-consuming. The doctor takes even a period to complete the catheterization process.

Children who are detected with severe congenital heart issues require many types of surgery. Even after completing surgery, a child needs to visit child surgery in Siliguri regularly for a check-up.

Cardiologists are experienced in doing surgery efficiently for a child, teen even adults. So, depend on them to get a cure for your baby.

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