Get Cured From Encephalocele

Get Cured From Encephalocele


 In most cases, a baby’s brain and central nervous system develop inside the neural tube. A portion of the brain may stick outside the neural tube when the neural tube does not close normally.

Children can have an encephalocele anywhere on the base of the skull such as around the nose, sinuses, and forehead, or anywhere from the top of the skull all the way down to the midline of the back of the skull.

Visit a neuro pediatrician in Siliguri, to cure your baby of this severe condition. It is one of the neural tube defects in children, where an encephalocele occurs either in the back of the skull (for girls) or in the front of the skull (for boys). 

Encephalocele: Symptoms

Generally, encephalocele is detected after childbirth. In rare cases, it is detected in later childhood if a mental and physical developmental delay occurs with the baby.

Symptoms of encephalocele are as follows:

  • Little head
  • An excessive fluid named hydrocephalus is found in the brain
  • Less power in hands and legs
  • Unhandy muscle movements such as uneasiness during walking
  • Vision problem
  • Lacking in baby’s growth and development
  • Breathing, heart rate, and gobbling issue
  • Seizures

Encephalocele: Causes

The causes of the encephalocele are yet to be known. Researchers seemed that many factors are responsible:

Genetic reason is one of the factors behind encephalocele. Family members’ neural issue like spina bifida is considered as one of the causes behind it.

Particular environmental exposures before or during the gestation period may responsible for this issue. 

Encephalocele: Diagnosis

During the pregnancy period, your gynecologist does some tests to learn about your baby’s health condition. Prenatal ultrasound generally detects encephalocele.

If your doctor suspects anything serious related to your baby, he or she suggests you some more tests to determine your expected baby. The tests are as follows:

  • Fetal MRI
  • Cell-Free Fetal DNA Testing
  • Amniocentesis
  • Fetal Echocardiogram
  • Baby blood test (Just after birth)

Encephalocele: Treatment

Only surgery can treat encephalocele. During surgery, the exceeding part of the brain and membrane is casing at the back into the skull and closing the opening area of the skull. But encephalocele can still exist.

Encephalocele is a list of neural tube defects. Consuming folic acid and vitamin B during the pregnancy period is help to keep away your baby from neural tube disorders.

Green vegetables, cereals, nuts, beans, and citrus fruits are enriched with folic acid. Prenatal vitamins also supply folic acids to your body.

If you understand that your baby is affected by encephalocele, don’t get worried. Make an appointment with your best neuro pediatrician in Siliguri to aid your baby.

Depending on your baby’s health condition, and the affected location of the head and face the treatment process might takes a long period. The doctor will guide you best in this concern.

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