Explaining structural birth defects in individuals

Explaining structural birth defects in individuals


Any kind of disease or disorder that is caused during the time of birth and often during the last trimester of the child bearing mother is called birth defects. Most of the rare birth defects are caused due to unavoidable and unidentified reasons behind them. However, many of such diseases have a root cause too. Often it has been noticed that birth defects are a result of genetic disorders or dysfunctions that remain in the family history of the parents. And to treat such specialized cases a child surgeon in Siliguri has to have extra knowledge and expertise on that field.

Below is the list of a few birth defects in children that are most commonly found

Cleft lip or birth defect

This is a condition where the child’s mouth and face don’t fuse properly during to some genetic reasons. This condition is also called Orofacial clefts, where the roof of the mouth and the lips at times don’t close properly. This might also happen if the mother takes some wrong kind of medication during the pregnancy. The only cure to this particular condition is a surgery that is performed by the pediatric surgeons after birth.

Heart defects, like missing or misshaped valves

The congenital heart defects that are caused to a child during the time of pregnancy can lead to problems like missing valves or misshaped valves. The valves of an individual are very crucial for a proper functioning of the heart in that individual. That is why children born with this disease has to go through a heart surgery right after birth.

Abnormal limbs, like a clubfoot

This is yet another genetic disorder that leads to the foot of a child to turn inward or outward. This is an abnormality in chromosomal patterns of an individual. The treatment of this particular condition is only through a surgery.

Neural tube defects, like Rachischisis

Rachischisis is a developmental birth defect that is caused in the neural tube of the baby. The reasons behind such a condition are also hereditary and at times this can be diagnosed in the last trimester of the pregnancy. However, treating this defect involves a very critical surgery which is very skillfully and tactfully done by a child surgeon in Siliguri.

These rare conditions require a whole another level of knowledge and skill set which is mastered by a very few doctor in Siliguri. A child surgeon in Siliguri thus has to be very much experienced in this particular field so as to perform these critical surgeries to save a child’s life.

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