Congenital Urological Abnormalities in Children

Congenital Urological Abnormalities in Children


The human body goes with many changes since birth and congenital urological abnormalities are birth defects involve in the urological and genital systems. The word 'congenital' means changes occur during the fetal development inside the mother's womb. Abnormalities and also known as anomalies in medical science where urinary tract defects are considered as most common where the abnormalities can involve many parts of the body including kidneys, bladders, uterus and genital organs.

Congenital Urological anomalies are linked with the birth of a child where the disorders and changes are associated with the conditions that lead to prior treatment throughout adulthood. Paediatric Urologist in Siliguri makes things simple by explaining more about the types of birth defects to make people understand the matter in a better sense. In this blog, you will find some of the common congenital urological anomalies and how these abnormalities create complications among children.

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During such condition, blockage and deficient valve in the urinary tract create problem in connecting the kidney with the bladder. Blockage in the tube will cause swelling and mostly occur during fetal development. 1 out of 100 pregnancies deals with such abnormalities that damage the kidney if not treated at the right time.

Undescended testicles:

Undescended testicles are one of the most common birth defects where the testicles of the male child get undescended. Normally, the testicles move down from abdomen to the scrotum before birth. In many cases, the testicles didn't move and remain in the abdomen or groin area. Paediatric urologist in Siliguri deal with this condition and come out with an ultimate solution.


Hypospadias is a male birth defect where the urethra is located in a wrong place which is mostly underside of the penis, instead of at its tip. Out of 1000 male children, 5 are facing such issues or anomalies. Hypospadias creates a problem during urination and the child experience difficulty. Operation and treatments will help the child to deal with such birth defects.

Spina bifida:

Spina bifida is also known as cleft spine where the defect lies within the brain, meninges or spinal cord. Here, the brain function or the spinal cord do not develop and create several problems. The child experiences partial or complete paralysis which resulted in bladder or bowel dysfunction with lower extremities.

All the birth defects mentioned above can be treated at the right time to keep the child safe and secure from any kind of risk or danger with innovative treatment procedures.

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