Conditions That Need Hepatobiliary Surgery

Conditions That Need Hepatobiliary Surgery


If any complications occurred in the biliary system of the body, the doctor suggests hepatobiliary surgery to recover the issue. The biliary system includes the liver, pancreas, bile duct, and gallbladder.

When a part of the biliary system comes across an issue due to injury or disease surgery is needed to cure that particular issue. Hepatobiliary surgeries in Siliguri are now very common as many people who are now suffering from cancer or having one more affected organ have a great chance of it. 

The biliary system mainly manufactures a fluid named biles which helps to digest fat from food items. There is a series of conditions available where hepatobiliary surgery is required for treating the disorder of a biliary system. The conditions are:

Bile Duct Resection

A part of the bile duct is taken off to cure bile duct cancer. Bile duct cancer is an uncommon disease where malignant cells build up in the bile duct. Bile duct cancer is also known as Cholangiocarcinoma.

If the tumor is small then part of the bile duct is removed including lymph nodes and tissues having cancer cells. Partial hepatectomy is another way to cure bile duct resection. After completing the surgery the doctors are often advised to chemotherapy or radiotherapy if required.


While chemotherapy is done directly by the catheter to cease the blood and nutrient flow to the tumor, the process is called chemoembolization.

The process is to hem down the chemotherapy drugs into the particular portion of the tumor for more impactful treatment. This process includes the hepatobiliary surgery section.

Gallstone Surgery

Gallstone surgery or in the other name cholecystectomy is a surgical process to take out the gallbladder a peer-shaped organ from the abdomen. The digestive fluid-bile is produced from the liver and stored in the gall ladder. Cholectomy is an ordinary surgery having little complication.

Due to colectomy, you must release from the hospital on the same day of surgery. Normally laparoscopic cholecystectomy is used by surgeons however in a few cases a large incision may be required to remove the gall bladder. This is known as open cholecystectomy.

Liver Resection

In this way of treatment, a particular portion of the liver is removed. A hepatobiliary surgeon performs well in laparoscopic liver resection, which leads to early recovery. Liver resection or the other name for hepatectomy either a particular portion or a total part of the liver will be operated on.

The particulars of your surgery preparation, method, and cure will be depending on the state of the patient’s condition. Your health provider of hepatobiliary surgeries in Siliguriwill provide you with all the instructions that are necessary for your health condition.

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