Comprehensive Care For Neurosurgical Problems

Comprehensive Care For Neurosurgical Problems


The interest and expertise in the wide range of treatment include many chapters and the latest innovations in the field improve the outcome along with finding the consequences. Neurosurgical problems in children need a distinct set of knowledge and perspective to deal with comprehensive care towards the future of the child. The goal is to identify the problems within the kids and coming up with effective treatment procedures. Teamwork is required in the process of treatment where clinicians such as paediatric neurologists, intensivists, endocrinologists, urologists, therapists and other experts are considered as the providers for comprehensive care to the paediatric neurosurgical population.

Advanced devices are introduced to monitor the neurological issues through ultrasound, navigation and integration. Paediatric surgeon in Siliguri deals with many such neurological issues like brain tumours, spinal tumours, spinal or head traumas, intra-cranial infections, neuro-vascular malformations, spina bifida, complex dysraphism and spinal lipomas. Children undergoing such neurosurgical procedures must need effective care and the paediatrician must maintain the competencies by providing the intensive care support. Providing an essential co-dependent service for surgery will bring positive changes in children in terms of working over their problems and complications.


Care Pathway through neurosurgical services

Even after the advanced treatment procedures and innovative services, the need for intensive care in the journey is always required to support the process. The centres are providing specialized paediatric neurosurgeries with the approach of diagnosing and managing the large variety of neurological disorders. The journey or the path of treatment welcome the services that are both centrally based and facilitated towards the betterment of the kids and their neurological issues.

The care paths are broadly classified into five main areas which are subjected to the hydrocephalus, brain or spinal tumours, brain trauma, epilepsy surgery and spinal dysraphism. Paediatric surgeon in Siliguri consult with the parents and give neurosurgical advice and care with a better understanding of the network that includes the wide range of diagnostic procedures and anaesthesia sessions to support the entire treatment process.

 Proper monitoring and diagnosis in this field will keep the child safe and protected from ill effects and dangerous consequences of the neurological issues. All such paediatric neurosurgery is carried away by the planned and organized procedures with dedicated theatre specifically equipped and staffed for further neurological surgery. Operation theatres are equipped with the advanced types of equipment and trained teams of medical specialists who are dedicated towards paediatric neurosurgery.

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