Ambiguous Genitalia Treatment In Children

Ambiguous Genitalia Treatment In Children


While an infant’s external genitalia does not seem distinct at birth time, he or she is also littered with ambiguous genitalia. Both males and females may have this problem. The medical team who are presenting at the time of delivery notices it.

This is not an illness, it is rather a physical deformity. For medical assistance, the pediatric surgeon in Siliguri is with you to guide your baby’s sex and also the aftermath treatment if necessary. Parents are depressed about having this issue in their family.


Ambiguous genitalia are generally discovered before the birth of a baby. Whereas the genitalia are developed, the child’s characteristic deformities may be disclosed. The symptoms are as follows

For Male:

  • A tapered tube transport urine and semen not utterly out of the penis.
  • Usually, a little penis with the urethral zone close to the scrotum
  • Absence of each testicle
  • Abnormal testicles with a vacant scrotum which has the emergence of labia with a small penis

For Female:

  • An amplified clitoris, that may be matched with the penis
  • Labia has a fold that may be matched with the scrotum
  • A lump appeared in the intermingle of labia.


Generally, ambiguous genitalia happen if hormonal issues appear even at the time of pregnancy. It has an impact on the development of the sex organ of a baby.


Ambiguous genitalia are discovered generally at the time of birth or after the birth of a baby. The medical team who are assisting you at the time of delivery may be noticed the symptoms of this disorder.


Ambiguous genitalia are a rare and compound issue. While you want to determine your child’s sex, you may choose the treatment path.

However, the treatment is an expert medical team including a paediatric, a neonatologist, a general surgeon, a paediatric surgeon, and a psychologist.

Before starting the treatment your medical team can check up present condition of your baby.

For this purpose, doctors are used hormone medicines to recoup hormonal variance. Many children take hormones even throughout the time of puberty.

Sometimes doctors are advised to recover the disorder through surgery. However, the surgery is depending on the child’s age and health situation. The surgery is to be done even at a mature age when a person decides his or her gender.

With the help of surgery, a female vagina that is covered under the skin can be exposed or an incomplete male penis can be standardized. The outcome of this operation is sometimes gratifying.

Nonetheless, replicate surgery is needed in this concern. For the best assistance and advice, you can consult a paediatric surgeon in Siliguri immediately.

Although there are a lot of risk factors that happen during this treatment. As the deformity is occasional, before deciding anything you must consult with a medical team. 

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