All About Laparoscopy

All About Laparoscopy


Technology and impact of science welcome development in every field and also in medical science. Such development improves surgical conditions and makes things more organized and easier in terms of achieving success. Laparoscopic surgery in children is one of the greatest examples in the process of managing a child during critical conditions. Advanced and miniaturised instruments are used in the process for improving the condition just like other treatment procedures. Laparoscopy paediatric surgeon in Siliguri performs surgeries by introducing this advanced method where the surgeries are conducted by visual presentation. The principles and advantages of this surgical process are accepted by welcoming the therapeutic instrumentation under the guidance of a paediatric surgeon.

What is Laparoscopy?

Laparoscopic surgery indulges the insertion of a telescope using the additional ports whereas surgeon uses a thin device attached with a camera and light to visualize the surgical procedure to make the things more clear and transparent. The damaged organ and the disease are observed by watching the monitor attached to the treatment process. Laparoscopy is an advanced healthcare technique that includes the insertion of a laparoscope into the abdomen with the use of a catheter that allows imaging the organs for better visualization.

This technique reduces risk by carrying out a laparoscopy inserting uterine manipulator into the vagina, uterus, and cervix during the movement of the pelvic organ. After the completion of the surgical procedure, the Laparoscopy paediatric surgeon in Siliguri remove carbon dioxide from the abdomen along with the instrument used during the treatment process and stitches the area with a small bandage.

The Purpose behind Laparoscopy

There are so many reasons and purpose behind executing a laparoscopy treatment process. To improve the health condition, or to diagnose certain conditions including tubal ligation. The treatment and diagnosis include a relatively large telescope in past but with the recent development in this field now the process includes small and quality telescopes with the diameter of 2mm. The telescope is inserted through umbilicus that results into an invisible scar. The purpose is to regulate the whole process by watching television monitors and highlighting the instrumentation that relative to complexity and critical procedure.

The treatment procedure in laparoscopy is designed with the same purpose of open surgery but the instruments are innovative and technologically advanced that include ultrasound and laser to give a better direction to the laparoscopic process. The main purpose is to make the task easier and effective by cutting down the difficulties arises in the process of open surgery. Laparoscopy paediatric surgeon in Siliguri brings the innovative changes in the child surgical process by reducing pain and complication. 

Need for Laparoscopy

 Scientific innovations are always beneficial for meeting new possibilities and the same logic is applicable with laparoscopy where the procedure is less risky in comparison to open surgery. There will be less pain and welcome fast recovery. Smaller incisions and the use of high-quality devices also reduces the chance of infection after the surgery. Making the treatment less painful is indeed a benefit of laparoscopic surgery in children over open surgery. Laparoscopy paediatric surgeon in Siliguri is experienced and put their knowledge into the treatment process to return the child into normal activity.

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