Addressing Appendix Issues In Children

Addressing Appendix Issues In Children


Appendicitis is common among children and requires immediate treatment. An appendix is a small organ fixed to the large intestine near the abdomen region. It's an issue when the appendix gets infected or blocked for some reason. Children between 5-20 years are likely to get affected with appendicitis. Depending on the signs and severity, appendix problem in children in Siliguri can be cured with the support of specialized doctors. Know more about appendicitis below.

Appendicitis Symptoms

The possible symptoms of the appendicitis are:

●       Hasty pain develops at the right side of the lower belly

●       Shifting pain from the naval region to the lower right abdomen

●       Experience pain in the region while coughing, walking, or other jarring movements

●       Vomiting or nausea

●       Having a fever in the worst case

●       Diarrhea

●       Constipation

●       Gas or abdominal bloating

What Causes Of Appendicitis

The main reason for having appendicitis is when the organ is infected or blocked. A blocked appendix encourages bacteria to grow and you may witness serious symptoms. Some reasons for appendix blockage are:

●       Swollen lymph nodes in the intestine

●       Having an extremely hard stool

●       Infections due to parasites

Regardless of the causes, the condition is not contagious and other kids can't have it from someone.

What Happens If Appendicitis Left Untreated?

If your child is experiencing any of the symptoms, it becomes urgent to get a doctor's opinion and have an immediate diagnosis. Otherwise, complications may arise such as:

Ruptured Appendix: The Appendix may burst and spread infection throughout the child's abdomen. This condition is known as peritonitis. The condition is life threading and requires cleaning of the abdominal cavity. A ruptured appendix is often indicative by high fever symptoms.

Formation of Pus in the Abdomen: This kind of complication is linked with the burst of the appendix. When the organ bursts there are higher possibilities of developing abscesses or pockets of infection.

In case of complications like infection, the doctor will clear the infection using a tube and then the appendix is removed with the help of surgery.

Treatment Of Appendicitis

The usual way of controlling infection spread from the appendix is through a surgery called appendectomy. To manage the condition, health professionals may provide IV fluid and antibiotics to your child before surgery.

Surgical Option

The appendectomy method is performed by surgeons who make nearly 3 small cuts in the belly and use a laparoscope, a small device to remove the appendix. This laparoscopic surgery may not be the only way to remove a ruptured appendix. In those cases, open surgery is performed to clean the grown cavity in the abdomen.

Non-Surgical Option

In mild cases, appendicitis can be cured with only antibiotics for kids. With these non-operative means, children can get back to regular activities sooner. It is only when they don't get better with medicines that appendectomy is suggested.

There are best doctors available to treat appendix problem in children in Siliguri, so consult them on time. Treatment for the appendix is safe in the initial stages, and if left untreated the condition may become dangerous.

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