Abnormalities in the shape of genitals

Abnormalities in the shape of genitals


Genitals can be properly defined as the extended organs normally used for having sex or the reproduction process. In common terms, it can be easily said as private parts in a human body. But not every human has healthy genitals some of them suffer from severe abnormalities. Paediatric urologists in Siliguri advises parents to diagnose their child or a baby for early signs of abnormalities in their genital so that early measures can be taken. Abnormalities can be observed for both boys and girls and a diagnosis procedure is made according to that.

 This blog showcases all the aspects that are associated with abnormalities of genitals for both genders along with a short description of one of the best paediatric urologists in Siliguri.

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1. The different types of genital abnormities that is observed in both male and female

2. Dr. Manish Madhav

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The different types of genital abnormities that is observed in both male and female


1. Congenital adrenal hyperplasia

The presence of such kind of abnormality gives rise to elevated levels of testosterone which may cause girls to develop penises with no testes. The penis that is actually developed is the clitoris.

This abnormality is also present in boys that can give them early puberty.

2. Imperforate hymen

The hymen serves as a thin layer for the opening of the vagina and the presence of this abnormality leads to the disruption of the normal functioning of the vagina. The abnormality is observed when the menstrual cycle begins and blood tries to come out. Due to imperforate hymen, the walls of the vagina are closed and the entrapped blood causes a lot of pain. Surgical procedures are used to treat this condition and provide an opening.

3. Duplication

A female may be done with duplicate genital organs. They might have two vaginas, two cervixes, or two uteri and only can be observed through functioning stages of life.

4. Joined

A female may also be born with a vagina, rectum, and urethra fused into a single structure and just like the duplication process, it may be found in the later stages of life.


1. Defects of urethral openings

Male suffers from two major urethral opening defects named Hypospadias and Epispadias.


In Hypospadias, the urethra opening is below the penis rather than being at the tip.


In Epispadias, the urethra opening is at the top of the penis rather than being at the tip.

2. Microphallus

This abnormality is commonly known as micropenis and is observed due to the absence of enough male testosterone hormones.

3. Chordee

This abnormality is associated with the unusual bending of the penis and causing trouble in targeting the urine stream.

Dr. Manish Madhav

He is credited as one of the renowned paediatric urologists in Siliguri who is vastly experienced and has helped many children to recover from complicated cases of genital abnormalities. His procedures are highly recommended by parents who availed for his services for their children.


The abnormalities may be caused due to many factors but should be dealt with in a conventional manner because these things impact a person in their later stages.

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