A Complete Solution To Undescended Testicle

A Complete Solution To Undescended Testicle


An undescended testicle or cryptorchidism is a complication where the testicle isn’t moved rightly under the skin hanging below the scrotum before childbirth. During this condition, one testicle is suffered but both testicles are undescended. Children who are born prematurely might get affected by this complication.

Usually, within a few months, the testicle is moved back to its original place. But in case it’s not, you can consult your pediatric surgeon for hepatobiliary surgeries in Siliguri for an ultimate solution. Hepatobiliary surgery can help your child by placing the testicle under the scrotum.

What Are The Symptoms Of Undescended Testicle?

There is no particular feeling occurring for cryptorchidism, only the position of the scrotum mainly indicates the issue. Testicles build in the intestine during fetal development.

In the last two months of fetal development, the testicles slowly build up in a descending manner through a passageway in the inguinal canal into the scrotum. For cryptorchidism, the process ceased suddenly.

What Causes Undescended Testicle?

There is no particular cause known behind the issue. Genetic disorders, environmental problems, and maternal age may distort the hormones, nervous activities, and physical transformation. These all factors are responsible for undescended testicles.

How Undescended Testicle Can Be Diagnosed?

Whether your baby has an undescended testicle, your hepatobiliary surgeon may advise surgery, after diagnosis. Initially, at every check your child’s doctor examines the testicle manually.

While the testicles are ‘non-palpable’ they indicate undescended testicles. Your child’s healthcare provider refers your baby to a pediatric urologist. Sometimes urologists asked for USG, whether it is not mandatory at all.

How Undescended Testicle Can Be Treated?

If your baby’s testicles are dropped down from the scrotum you should visit your pediatric surgeon for quick assistance. After checking the condition of your baby, the doctor recommends hepatobiliary surgery. The pediatric doctor also advises you on the treatment method. There are two treatment options exist, such as:

Hormone therapy

If testicles are close to the scrotum your baby’s urologist suggest hormone therapy to drop down the testicles into the scrotum. The doctor uses a series of hCG injections. Although this is an occasional case, the therapy may cure your baby.


Surgery is the best and most impactful treatment for cryptorchidism. The way testicles move down to the scrotum is called orchiopexy. If you have any questions, you can consult your pediatric surgeon to know about the surgery and its process.

Mainly undescended testes happen with the premature baby, but very often infants get to suffer from it. It can be detected after six months of age. It cannot cause any pain or other complication with your baby boy. With the assistance of hepatobiliary surgeries in Siliguri,your child can get rid of this issue.

The pediatric doctors complete the surgery before his first birthday, as surgery is the most effective treatment for it. If it is not cured during the infant period it may cause infertility in the future.

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