A Complete Solution To Intractable Epilepsy

A Complete Solution To Intractable Epilepsy


Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that results in reoccurring seizures. When it appears your child’s brain activity is transformed unnaturally and as a result, convulsion and loss of consciousness occur.

Intractable epilepsy, also known as refractory epilepsy is frustrating. Pediatric neuro surgeries in Siliguri are the most common treatment option for children with this condition. In such cases, a child's doctor prescribes antiepilepsy drugs (AEDs).

Even if your child is taking AEDs, if he or she continues to have seizures, you should see a pediatric surgeon right away. Your child may have intractable epilepsy if the medications are unable to control seizures.

Intractable epilepsy happens in different ways which include:

  • After taking epilepsy medicine it is incapable to work
  • Doctor’s prescribed medicines are not working on your child
  • AEDs have massive side effects on your baby.

What Are The Warning Signs Of Intractable Epilepsy?

  • Firmness
  • Convulsion
  • Shaking
  • Unconsciousness
  • Loss of bowel movement
  • Blank look
  • Go down

What Causes Intractable Epilepsy?

  • Wrong dosage
  • Imperfect medication
  • Any other medication is responsible for the interaction
  • Wrong diagnosis of epilepsy syndrome of your baby
  • Lifestyle issue

How Does Intractable Epilepsy Diagnose?

Your pediatric doctor will use the following methods to diagnose the intractable epilepsy:

  • Medications
  • EEG (electroencephalogram) test
  • CT Scan
  • MRI

How Intractable Epilepsy Is Treatment?

The main aim of intractable epilepsy is to control the seizures of your baby. Treatments methods include:

Selecting Antiepilepsy Medicines

Your pediatric doctor advises your baby to take an AED or take it with another combinational medicine. If the two AED are not worked properly in previous times you need to change the AED medicine. This means your child’s brain is not effectively working with AED and it requires another way of treatment.

Brain Surgery

During brain surgery, your pediatric surgeon cut the part of the brain where seizure happens several times. Brain surgery is categorized into two divisions:

  • Curative surgery
  • Palliative surgery

Your pediatric neurosurgeon will decide the best pediatric neuro surgeries in Siliguri for your baby. The success rate depends on the baby’s present health condition. However, the present ratio says that around 50 to 90% of surgery is successful.

Ketogenic Diet

A baby who doesn’t respond AEDs require a keto diet to be followed. It's difficult to maintain the ketogenic diet in the right amount. In this concern, you need to consult a pediatric dietitian. Your baby may have stomach depression or constipation as a side effect of the keto diet.


Care of your baby’s lifestyle so that seizure may not influence by any activity. Hence, proper sleep and maintenance of hunger, mental and emotional stress are necessary. Don’t overstimulate seizure with bright light.

While AEDs are incapable of maintaining your child’s seizure different theories are responsible for the complication. The main point of the treatment is to find out alternative methods to recover your baby from intractable seizures.

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