A Complete Solution To Hydrocephalus

A Complete Solution To Hydrocephalus


While the cerebrospinal fluid is prepared in the cavities of the brain named ventricles, the complication is called hydrocephalus. Ventricles are presented at the core of the brain. It can create excess pressure in the brain.

Cerebrospinal fluid generally clears the brain and spinal cord while it is passing through the ventricles. Mainly toddlers face this excessive pressure in the brain which impairs brain tissue and its function. With the assistance of pediatric neuro surgeries in Siliguri your child can get relief from this situation.

Apart from surgery, some other treatments can control its symptoms.


Hydrocephalus is differentiated into four types which include:

  • Communicating hydrocephalus
  • Non- Non-communicating hydrocephalus
  • Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus
  • Hydrocephalus ex- vacuo


The signs and symptoms of hydrocephalus depend on the patient’s age. It also lies in the disease progression and the sufferance of cero-spinal fluid pressure. Age-wise symptoms are varied in such ways:


  • Swollen spot on the top of your child’s head
  • Absurd large head
  • Vomiting
  • Drowsiness
  • Sun setting eyes

Older babies

  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Loss of eyesight
  • Developmental issues


Many reasons lie behind hydrocephalus complications. Mainly it is a congenital disease. Genetic problems or environmental issues are responsible for congenital hydrocephalus. Other possible reasons for congenital hydrocephalus are:

  • Spina Bifida
  • Neural tube disorder
  • The gateway between the third and fourth ventricles is slender and extremely
  • Infection such as rubella is attacked during the gestation period
  • Compulsion for premature delivery such as sudden bleeding between two ventricles


Hydrocephalus is detected by some neurological tests. The specialist of pediatric neuro surgeries in Siliguri first asks you some questions about your baby’s symptoms and present attitudes. To confirm that your child’s doctor advises a few bran image tests such as ultrasound, MRI, and CT scan.


Hydrocephalus is a curable disease. Although there is no particular way to prevent this issue, however, it can be treated by brain surgery. Two types of brain surgery are mainly used to treat hydrocephalus, out of them which one is selected for your child is a discussable issue:


It is the most common surgical treatment where a shunt a medical device is used in your child’s brain. It is a soft tube that tenderly placed the brain to evacuate the excess CSF to another organ where it is sucked.

Endoscopic third ventriculostomy

In this treatment process, a small gap is created in the base of the third ventricle. Through this gap, CSF flows in and out of the brain easily. The process applies to a baby who is over 2 years old. Hydrocephalus is a petrifying disease. But remember that your baby is not lonesome here. After completing surgery many children lead normal life ahead.

But complications depend from one child to another child as per symptoms. Many children live a better life with pediatric neuro surgeries in Siliguri. Hydrocephalus hurts the physical and cognitive development of a baby. Parents need to talk to their child’s neurosurgeon about their baby’s positive treatment results.

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