5 Reasons To Visit A Neuro Pediatrician

5 Reasons To Visit A Neuro Pediatrician


The nervous system encompasses the brain, spinal column, nerves, and muscles, and problems anywhere in this system may cause symptoms. Seizures, migraines, and delayed development are just a few of the issues that might result from this.

A neurologist's job is to find you the most effective therapy and teach you how to live with the side effects. Therefore, those with neurological issues may visit to a neuro pediatrician in Siliguri.

Neuropathy pain

When nerves are injured or diseased, it may cause a kind of pain known as neuropathic pain. Intense suffering may have a piercing, searing, or searing quality.

Brain or spinal cord injury may also cause neuropathic pain. After a stroke, you may experience this kind of agony. Normal pain relievers have little effect on neuropathic pain. Consult a neurologist for advice on effective therapy.

Chronic Headaches

The majority of individuals sometimes have headaches, but if your headaches are regular and severe, you should see a neurologist.  It's possible to have more than one kind of headache at a time, and each kind may be brought on by a wide range of factors.

Get checked out by a medical professional to rule out the possibility of a more severe health issue causing your headaches.

Chronic pain

Chronic pain’s discomfort may initially be related to an illness or accident, but if it persists beyond the typical healing period, it may indicate something more serious is going on.

If you have additional symptoms, such as weakness, numbness, or issues with bladder or bowel control in addition to the pain, a neurologist may be the best option for you when your primary care physician is unable to assist.

Seizure disorder

Brain abnormalities are what cause seizures. They may result in out-of-body experiences, tremors, or even loss of consciousness. A neurologist may order imaging and tests of the brain to determine the reason. Sometimes, if the underlying reason is addressed, the seizures will cease.

However, epilepsy and other seizure disorders may persist for a long time. Numerous medicines exist that may stop or lessen the severity of seizures. It's also possible to seek medical intervention.


A blackout may be compared to a brief interruption in the neurological system. A blackout causes a person to lose consciousness and enter a trance-like condition.

During a blackout, a person may thrash about as though having a seizure. In other cases, they'll be completely still and unresponsive. Regular blackouts are a sign that you need to consult a neurologist.

A condition not involving the nervous system may cause many of these signs. If you're not sure whether or whether you need to visit a neuro pediatrician in Siliguri, your primary care physician is your best resource.

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