5 Conditions That Need Pediatric Neuro Surgery

5 Conditions That Need Pediatric Neuro Surgery


Pediatric neurosurgery is a disciplinary part that aims to manage neurological issues in children. Pediatric neurosurgical issues are sometimes attending in a child’s life.

The doctors have an exceptional and deep-rooted relationship with parents. If your baby is suffering from head, nervous system, or spine issues, you can get the right solutions through pediatric neuro surgeries in Siliguri.

Children who have pediatric neuro problems need continuous and yearly checks in childhood and even later periods also. There are many reasons that you need to consult a pediatric neuro surgent for your child. Below are:

Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy results in deformities of the brain that normally emerge before or after birth Maternal toxins, injections as well as consuming alcohol and drugs and alcohol during gestation can cause brain damage to the baby.

In some cases, oxygen deficiency during childbirth is also responsible for cerebral palsy. After a child's birth, brain wounds, oxygen deficiency, infection, and premature delivery might be because of cerebral palsy. A pediatric surgeon can do surgery to avoid spasticity depending on cerebral palsy.


A child’s skull is made of several plates of soft bones, those amalgamate ultimately while the baby grows elder. When this amalgamation process occurs quickly, the state is named craniosynostosis.

The disease produces pressure on the developing brain and affects your child’s behavior and eyesight. A pediatric neurosurgeon supports you to build up the face and skull of the baby.

Brain & Spine Tumor

The brain and spinal cord jointly build up the central nervous system. With the advent of abnormal growth of cells while a lump is created in the tissue of the brain or spinal cord, then it is called a brain and spine tumor.

Initially, it is essential to determine if the tumor is malignant or benign. Surgery is to be done to learn about the tumor, remove it and treat all the symptoms of the child’s body related to the tumor.

Neural Tube Defects

Neural tube defects are inborn defects of a child’s brain or spinal cord. It occurs in the first month of gestation. Spina bifida, meningocele, tethered spinal cord, and myelomeningocele is some instances of neural tube defects. For myelomeningocele, the child has required surgery after 2 days of birth to save the uncovered area.

Brain and spine trauma

If you notice that your baby has brain or spine trauma, he or she will need to go to a neurosurgeon, who is skillful in pediatric care. Turning on the severity of the child’s disease the child's doctor is deciding whether surgery, medication, or only observation is important for the baby.

If you are in trouble having any neuro problems with your baby, you should go with pediatric neuro surgeries in Siliguriafter consulting your child’s surgeon. In this concern, the doctor will support you the best.

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