Understand Exomphalos Major Treatment

Understand Exomphalos Major Treatment


With exomphalos major, the intestines protrude from a birth defect caused by the abdominal wall not closing all the way. If this condition is not addressed right away, it may be fatal. Exomphalos major therapy is based on the extent and kind of the defect. The challenges of treating exomphalos major will be extensively discussed in this article, with particular attention on exomphalos major treatment in Siliguri.

Therapy For Major Exomphalos

The aim of treating exomphalos major is to seal the abdominal wall opening and bring the intestines back to the abdomen. In certain instances, it is possible to simply push the intestines back into the abdomen and sew up the wound.

On the other hand, in more serious situations, surgery could be required to replace the intestines and reconstruct the abdominal wall.  Depending on the extent and complexity of the flaw, this can be completed in one or two steps.

One-Stage Repair

A one-stage repair could be feasible if the exomphalos are minimal and there is no damage to the intestines. The intestines are carefully reinserted into the abdomen during this general anesthesia treatment, and the incision is sutured shut.

Two-Stage Repair

A two-stage repair can be required if the intestines are injured or the exomphalos is big. A surgeon will cover the exomphalos with a bag or silo as the initial step in the healing process. After the intestines are inside the belly, the abdominal wall incision will be closed by the surgeon during a second procedure. There is general anesthesia used for this surgery as well.

Early Diagnosis & Intervention

The excellent prenatal screening program in Kolkata, with its innovative healthcare system, emphasizes early identification of Exomphalos Major. Early detection enables healthcare providers to get ready for any postpartum interventions that may be required.

Specialized Medical Centers

Multiple specialized medical facilities capable of treating difficult congenital diseases may be found in Siliguri. These facilities frequently have pediatric surgical units staffed by skilled specialists educated in the management of exomphalos major.

Numerous facilities in Siliguri are dedicated to the treatment of this disease. You should choose the hospital based on the following factors:

  • Experience: A group of skilled pediatric surgeons with specific expertise in treating exomphalos major should be on staff at the institution.
  • Facilities: The hospital should be equipped with all the resources and tools required to provide your kid with complete care, including help from an intensive care unit (ICU) if necessary.
  • Cost: Depending on the facility and the extent of the problem, the cost of therapy may change. It is crucial to find out what is covered by your insurance provider.

Exomphalos major is a dangerous birth condition that needs to be treated right away. However, the environment of the exomphalos major treatment in Siliguri demonstrates a dedication to quality, teamwork, and compassionate care.

Most newborns with exomphalos major recover fully with appropriate care and quick treatment.  It is crucial to speak with a skilled pediatric surgeon about your child's treatment choices if exomphalos major has been detected.

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