Spina Bifida Treatment Options For Your Child

Spina Bifida Treatment Options For Your Child


Spina bifida is a spinal condition, if diagnosed, must be corrected by surgery immediately. In most cases, spina bifida is a birth defect and needs to be corrected for proper growth and development of the infant’s body. Broadly, spina bifida can be referred to as a neural tube defect where there is a gap in the child’s spinal cord.

This deformity in the spinal cord and the associated areas of the body can be treated easily by medical professionals. There are good hospitals for spina bifida treatment in Siliguri where the treatment procedure will be explained by the doctor thoroughly post-diagnosis. Surgery is considered to be the option that comes with certain risks, however, once conducted successfully it may change the life of the individual concerned. A healthy recovery process is also a must for a good life ahead.

There can be multiple causes behind the development of spina bifida as a medical condition in the infant's body. A few common causes of spina bifida include:

●     Having a family history of neural defects.

●     Lack of folic acid in the mother's body.

●     Consumption of certain medicines used to treat mental conditions, including bipolar disorder.

●     Rare genetic conditions.

●     If the mother suffers from obesity or diabetes.

A wide range of treatment options is available for spina bifida, which can be opted for by the patient as per the severity of the condition they are experiencing and how it is impacting their overall life.

●     Spinal surgery in newborns within 48 hours of birth

●     Surgery for hydrocephalus (storage of excessive fluid in the brain)

●     Physiotherapy with the help of a physiotherapist and daily exercise, splints, and braces on the leg.

●     Occupational therapy with the help of a professional occupational therapist.

●     Mobility aids, including wheelchairs, leg braces, and splints, among others for those who experience immobility as a result of spina bifida.

●     Surgery for bone and joint problems, that come with spina bifida.

●     Requisite treatment for bowel and bladder control problems that are associated with this neural defect.

Depending upon the complexity of the condition, there may be minimal to maximized conditions that affect the body of the patient. It may be a mobility issue, bowel, bladder, and gastrointestinal issues, orthopedic issues, accumulation of fluid in the patient's brain, and other major issues. As individuals living in the North East, getting spina bifida treatment in Siliguri and North Bengal for your child is necessary to curb these conditions and look forward to them living a healthy life without any complications.

Spina bifida is a very much treatable condition that simply requires the expertise of doctors in case of surgery and post-op recovery time. Physiotherapy and medications work well too for minor conditions.

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