Relieving Intestinal Obstruction: An Effective Treatment

Relieving Intestinal Obstruction: An Effective Treatment


Intestinal obstruction in children is a life-threatening condition that requires appropriate diagnosis and treatment. Simply explained, intestinal obstruction is when substances are blocked in the intestinal lumen.

Such blockages occur in the small intestine and colon leading to severe conditions like intestinal necrosis or death. To know more about it and to get relief your child, consult a pediatric surgeon for the best intestinal obstruction treatment in Siliguri today.

What is Intussusception?

Intussusception is the most common type of intestinal blockage for infants below 3 years of age. Given that, the digestive system of children is very immature, so an infant having intussusception may turn fatal if not immediately treated.

If ignored, such obstruction with the stagnant intestinal lumen can allow bacteria to attack your organs. This leads to serious problems like intestinal necrosis or even worse if not promptly addressed.

Signs of Intestinal Obstruction

Some of the noticeable signs to suspect intestinal obstruction among children are:

●       Excessive pain in the abdomen

●       Babies pulling on the chest and knees while crying

●       Vomiting

●       Diarrhea

●       Stools mixed with blood and mucus

●       The child is dizzy or faints

Other than these observable signs, not all intestinal obstructions have these signs. Sometimes the sign of the problem is often unclear and causes long-term discomfort.

Treatment of Infantile Intestinal Obstruction

If your child shows any of the signs of developing intestinal obstruction, don't hesitate to take your child to a pediatric surgeon. For an accurate diagnosis, children are clinically examined by performing X-rays, ultrasound, enema, and computed tomography. When the doctor confirms the intestinal obstruction, the following treatment options are considered:

●       Providing fluids through an intravenous line to the child

●       They can try to decompress the stool by placing a catheter into the stomach from the nose

●       With gas or barium remove the cage

●       Even after the following steps if the intussusception does not work, then surgeries are recommended

Lifestyle Remedies

Intestinal Obstruction is a very serious condition and is often painful in the advanced stages. Therefore, you can take some precautionary steps for your child to avoid such conditions:

●       Always encourage your child to stay hydrated

●        Avoid foods that tend to form gas like peanuts, beans, and soft drinks

●       Feed your child easy-to-digest food like porridge, or soup

●       To overfeed your child and divide meal timings evenly

●       Follow a low-fiber diet and avoid whole-grain meals

Once you witness any related sign of intussusception don't hesitate and provide them with the most reliable intestinal obstruction treatment in Siliguri. Intestinal obstruction in children is life-threatening and requires accurate diagnosis and treatment.

By following healthy food habits and providing your child with plenty of water to drink, you can avoid the condition to an extent. The success rate for such treatment is high if addressed immediately.

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