Pyloric Stenosis Signs and Symptoms

Pyloric Stenosis Signs and Symptoms


Pyloric Stenosis is a type of uncommon condition seen in newborn infants aged between 6 months. In this condition, the pylorus, which is a muscle located at the stomach’s end connecting the small intestine is affected. Many hospitals conduct pyloric stenosis treatment in Siliguri. Pyloric stenosis can be treated using surgery; hence you can get your child easily treated.

The full medical term which is used to refer to pyloric stenosis is hypertrophic pyloric stenosis. As a result of this condition, your child might face forceful vomiting, as due to the narrowing of the stomach the food will not be able to make any movement from the stomach up to the small intestine.

Causes of pyloric stenosis

An infant is not born with pyloric stenosis it might develop after weeks of taking birth. This condition normally occurs in newborn babies when they are aged between 6-8 weeks. However, in many cases, the symptoms of this condition become more apparent after five months. Due to the repeated vomiting tendency of the babies caused due to pyloric stenosis, they can become malnourished and very dehydrated, thus consulting a physician at the early stage is very important.

Signs and Symptoms

Generally after 5-6 weeks, symptoms of pyloric stenosis start appearing in a newborn baby. Some of such symptoms are mentioned below-

  • Forceful vomiting- Babies who are suffering from pyloric stenosis start vomiting forcefully regularly. The vomiting first starts mildly and then gets more severe with the gradual narrowing of the pylorus. Sometimes blood might also come out along with the baby’s vomit.
  • Continuous hunger-The baby might want to be fed immediately after vomiting caused due to pyloric stenosis.
  • Contractions in the stomach-After you finish feeding your child you will notice some wave-like contractions rippling around the upper area of the baby’s stomach. These contractions are called peristalsis and are the digestive process’s part. As the stomach muscle tries to force down the food due to the narrowed pylorus contractions are caused.
  • Dehydration- If your baby is suffering from pyloric stenosis you will notice that your baby has become more lethargic and is also crying without shedding any tears. Also, there will be a lesser number of wet diapers or no wet diapers will be present at all.
  • Changes occurring in the movements of the bowel- Since pyloric stenosis prevent any food from reaching the intestine due to narrow pylorus your baby will suffer from severe constipation.
  • Weight issues-Your baby might suffer from severe weight loss or find it difficult to gain weight due to pyloric stenosis.

Some Risk factors causing pyloric stenosis

Sex- It is very likely that out of every 5 boys 1 might be suffering from pyloric stenosis and out of every 14 girls 1 might suffer from the condition. Thus boys are more vulnerable towards this condition in comparison to girls.

Premature birth- A child born prematurely might suffer from this condition more commonly than a child who is maturely born.

Smoking at the time of pregnancy- This can increase the risk of your child getting pyloric stenosis to a great extent.

Antibiotics- Sometimes children might need to be fed some antibiotics right after the birth due to some conditions such as whooping cough. Also, some mothers might take certain antibiotics at the late period of pregnancy. These types of antibiotics can also increase the chances of your baby suffering from pyloric stenosis in the future.

All the newborn babies do a little spit-up occasionally. However, if your baby is showing symptoms of forceful vomiting or other symptoms that are mentioned above then you must contact a physician as early as possible. With the help of pyloric stenosis treatment in Siliguri, your baby will become cured and start doing regular activities just after a few days of the treatment. However, delaying to contact a doctor might make their symptoms more severe.

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