Get Cured With Intestinal Atresia

Get Cured With Intestinal Atresia


When a child’s small intestine cannot form properly at the time of birth, the problem is called intestinal atresia or small bowel atresia. Intestinal atresia can be detected in the congenital period.

Your baby may have a small choking issue, he or she may be misplacing the large part of the intestine. When the problem is detected, consult the issue with a child surgeon in Siliguri immediately.

Instead of having open bowel, the baby has a bowel system with one side closed. A few babies have misplaced part of the intestine between the closed areas. This inborn issue creates an obstacle to the food and stool movement process in the intestine.


  • Pyloric Atresia- It means a blockage is created in the pylorus area.
  • Duodenal Atresia- This kind of atresia is noticed in the duodenum, the first area of the small bowel joined with the stomach.
  • Jejunoileal Atresia- Jejunoileal Atresia refers to a blockage either in the jejunum or ileum in the small intestine.
  • Colonic Atresia- During the colonic atresia the intestine becomes extremely extended, and the baby has similar symptoms of jejunoileal atresia.


During the gestation period an extra portion of amniotic fluid while stored in the mother’s womb it is one of the signs of your baby will have intestinal atresia.

It is because your baby’s bowel system cannot absorb the amniotic acid properly from your womb. USG before delivery can detect the issue.

If it is not detected before delivery it is then recognized as having such symptoms of a baby after birth:

  • Obstruction in bowel movement
  • Enlarge stomach with gas formation
  • Vomiting with green or yellow
  • Reluctance of eating


  • During the pregnancy period, an ultrasound can detect if your child may have intestinal atresia. After detecting it in this period your healthcare provider prepares a plan for his or her treatment.
  • If it is detected after birth the doctors are deciding to get some imaging test viz. a general X-ray of the belly, which shows bubbles or liquid and gas formation in the intestine or no gas formation in the other parts of the intestine.
  • Sometimes doctors depend on the contrast X-ray system. In the contrast system, a dye is either eaten in a liquid form or inserted the dye into the baby’s body by a feeding tube and even by the rectum part of the body also. After putting the dye an X-ray is to be done.


Intestinal atresia is only cured by surgery. Before arranging surgery a child surgeon will go through some steps:

  • Secure your child’s well being
  • The health care provider put a tube to your child’s nose and mouth into the belly to emit the stools and gas from there.
  • The surgeon provides your child saline into the vein.
  • The child surgeon in Siliguriwill discuss with you the surgical process whether he has used open surgery or laparoscopic surgery, which is depend on the health condition of the baby.

After completing the surgery successfully the doctor will advise you about the nutritional food chart of your baby. A follow-up check is vital after completing the surgery successfully.

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