All about Paediatric Urologist in Siliguri

All about Paediatric Urologist in Siliguri


Who is a Paediatric Urologist?

Diseases, infection and illness may come anytime to your child's life and treating those diseases by visiting a paediatric doctor are essential to keep the child healthy and identifying the problem. Paediatric doctors are specialized in different sectors and get experienced in different parts of a child's body. Paediatric urologists are surgeons who are trained to diagnose, treat and manage children's urinary and genital problems.

Any diseases related to a child's urinary tract like kidney, ureters or bladder can be treated by a urologist. Visiting a paediatric urologist at the right time is suitable for keeping the sensitive organs healthy and protected from infection or any other serious consequences. Paediatric urologist in Siliguri helps you to treat your child regarding any kind of urological treatment procedures.

What kind of training do Paediatric Urologists pass through?

A paediatric urologist passes through some of the most difficult training to understand a child's urological problems. They gain enough knowledge about the treatment procedures and implementing those advanced and modern technologies to treat diseases regarding a child's genitals. They pass through the following phases:

  • Minimum 4 years of medical school
  • Approx 2 years of surgical practice
  • Additional training for 4 years in general urology
  • Another 3 years of fellowship training in paediatric urology

The integrated practice in Paediatric urology helps a Paediatric urologist in Siliguri to coordinate with specialities to develop the treatment plans specifically for each of the child those who need treatment. They evaluate a child and recommend parents for needful therapy to cure children with their respective problems.

Approaches and medical care from a Paediatric Urologist

The advancement of science and technology help a paediatric urologist to settle down issues arises in a child’s body. After lost of research, study and training the doctors consult the matter with parents by assuring them to keep the child healthy and fit after implementing the treatment procedures. So, here is some of the medical care initiated by Paediatric urologist in Siliguri to justify the treatment process genuinely.

Paediatric urodynamics

The pressure and contraction inside the child's bladder along with the sphincter muscles can be evaluated under this process. The process is a bit complex but carried away very effectively by the specialists to make the treatment successful instead of meeting any failure.

Paediatric radiology

Radiology is required for some special cases by welcoming some of the advanced treatment procedures that include CT scan, MRI, DMSA, ultrasound, cystogram, urethrogram, and other medical tests depending upon the requirement.

Proton beam therapy

To treat more serious cases like cancer, Proton beam therapy is expanded to care for the child regarding critical organs and body structure. In simple words, this is an advance traditional radiotherapy especially carried away for children and young adults.

Finally, why a Paediatric Urologist?

Children are more sensitive and can't express their feelings in comparison to an adult so it becomes necessary to take a child in the chamber of a paediatric doctor. Paediatricians are trained about dealing with children and make them feel comfortable with the treatment procedures in terms of making them aware of the medical questions and cooperation with the treatment procedures regarding issues subjected to genitalia. Moreover, a paediatric urologist in Siliguri is experienced in managing the issues of child and use equipment that are made specially designed for children.

Creating a comfortable environment is always important to identify the issues facing by a child before starting the treatment procedure. If your general paediatrician is recommending a paediatric urologist for your child then it means that your child needs the widest range of treatment for the extensive and comprehensive treatment procedure. You need a paediatric urologist to deal with your child's urinary tract disorders. 


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